Baby Sitting

May 30, 2009

This weekend has been quite boring here. My roommate has gone to Goa, and I have been left to fend for myself. All I did was eat, sleep and read. And yeah, watch IPL. Any true cricket fan will vouch for IPL though I dont know where my loyalties lie.

The boredom made me go back a couple of weeks when my friends had been here. Two of my friends, Skew and Teez (inspired by FIP) had been here from Chennai for the weekend. They had initially planned to get here on Friday morning. But being two lazy, indecisive bums they had not booked any tickets. To cap that, they reached koyambedu busstand at 10 30 PM looking for tickets. The enterprise had the same success as the KKR campaign in IPL. Failing to get tickets, they went back home deciding that they will leave early next morning by Shatabdi on unreserved ticket. Sense prevailed when they got to know that there were no second class in Shatabdi, and they chose to leave on friday night from chennai.

Early on saturday, they some how found my place and got home. It was nice to meet them after a long time. To give a background on these guys, I have known Skew since school. Got to know him well after an infamous incident at the chemistry tuition when i pulled his chair and he fell down like a hero. We were  in the same course in college, and used to get to college together. He is currently working as a bonded labourer in his fathers factory, and is getting married on the first week of june. congrats bro.

Teez is a guy whom i know since college. We were one roll number apart, and had been together for all group assignments, lab experiments, exams and final year project. He is a jolly guy, and has his own interpretations of things. It is tough to get into arguments with him, cuz he confuses you with his water tight logic and reason.

Back to the story. In the morning we had been to MTR for breakfast. This is the first time i have been there in a while. Food was amazing. When we got back to our car, we found a cop standing right next to our car. He told us that we had parked in a no parking zone. I tried arguing with him for a while but to no avail. Paid him the de facto amount of 100 as bribe. 😦

At about 11 AM, we planned to go shopping. We reached MG Road and after a search of nearly 15 minutes we finally found a parking space. We then walked over to Central mall for some shopping. I had another couple of my friends who had joined us there. After blowing about 1000 bucks in Central, we got to Pizza hut for lunch. Lot and lots of calories later (I am a self confessed die hard health freak. This is similar to Sonam Kapoor being a ‘die-hard’ fan of Ash) we walked out of there.

Why is the world round? Why does the chicken cross the road? Why do babes dress up so much when they get to Brigade road? I think i need to go invest these.

In the evening, my friends badly wanted to hit the pubs. They said that it was the reason why they got to Blr. I always thought they came to see me!! What an idiot i am!! The irony in this is that both of them are tee totalers. We first went to Hard Rock Cafe. Very nice place with a good ambience. I went in and ordered a beer. I turn around and find the two in a very serious discussion. I listen in. They are discussing on whether to have a drink or not. 

Skew: Why dont we get a beer?

Teez: I think we should go for vodka. Drink for first timers.

S: Yeah. Beer tastes bad. I dont understand how ppl drink it (Duh!!!)

T: How about cocktails? There seems to be some nice ones.

S: How do you know which is good?

T: But.. do you think this is all correct? Should we do this?

Me: What are you guys talking about? Get some thing man. 

S: Yeah, my father has so much faith in me. What will he think of me if he gets to know of this? I dont want to become drunkards.

Me: Im stumped.

T: Okay come on. We will get some coke.

I got rather frustrated at this point. I gave them a piece of my mind. Not everyone who drinks are drunkards. Most people know how to moderate themselves. Get this fixed mindset out. You need to try something out before you reject it.

But on the flip side, I am really happy that I have friends like these. People who are sane, stick to their values and family more than anything else. I did learn one thing that day. The values you carry from your childhood stick with you till the end.

I cant type anymore. So, Adios amigo!!

The Cost of development in Bangalore

May 24, 2009

Bangalore is the silicon valley of india. Lots of technology companies have docked their ships in the streets of Bangalore. A cheaper out sourcing destination. A pack of zombies who work all night trying to rectify america’s problems. Loads of cash in the wallet. But dont have time to spend. Banglore is a city made of zeros and ones – ‘Ones’ are those who earn way more than they can spend aka IT coolies. ‘Zeros’ are those who earn way less than what they want to spend. The others. Bangalore – A city of paradox.

I have always wondered how many ‘IT’ people in Banglore would have crossed MG Road to get to the REAL Bangalore – the areas of Malleshwaram, Rajaji Nagar, Basavangudi and Banashankari? I myself have been there only once. I feel that outsiders have a feeling of apathy to bangalorean culture than anything. The city has become a so called multi cultural hub –  people preferring Pizza to ragi rotti. No wonder than autowallas here ask for more than the meter as we have the means to pay. I wouldnt blame them though, cuz we IT folks are to be blamed as we act as though 5 and 10 rupees dont matter to us anymore. 

Development has taken its toll on Bangalore. Banglore is bursting in its seams. The traffic is mind boggling. In case you have an heart attack, pray that you dont need to rush to the hospital in peak hours. Or plan it in such a way that you are close to an hospital.

We are facing  a huge shortage of water. The water table has dropped due to over exploitation. Our apartment is currently putting a new borewell for a depth of, wait for it, 500 ft. Yes, it is true. Our earlier borewell was only for 100 ft.  I have heard that in areas like Marathalli, people bore down upto 1000 ft.  I can see from my window the bellandur lake, and is completely polluted. It has become a breeding ground of mosquitoes. You need to keep the windows closed after 6, otherwise u r in for a rough night. Where is this all  heading?? When are we going to wake up to the realisation that we are screwing the environment?? As some one had rightly said, Banglore has lost its soul. I truly beleive so.

Turning a new leaf

May 20, 2009

I have been bitten by the bloggy bug. I have always been averse to writing. I always beleived that wikipedia was humanity’s personal gift to me. The first time i started using it was for my summer project. There were pages and pages of wiki recycled stuff, and i didnt bother to even remove the tags. How me!! and btw, no one bothered to even open my report. And to top it all, the examiner didnt even remember that i had presented and he called me to present again. LOL

Quite an impressive week this has been. Sensex shot up because the jokers in the pack didnt get enough seats (read Left, BSP, AIADMK, RJD). Nadal lost to Federer in CLAY. Dont read too much into these though, as Nadal wouldnt want Federer to lose the French open final this year even before he stepped into the court. And KKR has finally won a match! Watching their matches was like watching the Indian team 10 years ago. They seemed to effortlessly snatch defeat from impossible positions. To cap this extrodinary acheivement, I am willing to sponsor SRK a ticket to SA for the final provided he gets into a straight jacket. I cant stand him blowing kisses to the crowd.

I have taken an hour to get to this point, and have run out of battery in my lappy. Ideas and patience too. I beleive that this post is just a start and i will write more. To all readers (if any), this is a personal rant and would add no benefit to you for reading this. Spend your time on more useful things, like listening to Harris Jeyaraj songs and finding the difference between tunes.

Till next time.